Newark Downtown District's current trustees are:

  • Regina Tokar, Chairwoman (Panasonic)
  • Geoff Campbell, Vice-Chairman (The Nightingale Group)
  • Darla Stachecki, Secretary/Treasurer (Cogswell Realty)
  • Kevin Collins (Lotus Equity Group)
  • Gabe Lopez (J&L Companies)
  • Larry Barnes (Massey Insurance Agency)
  • Ron Beit (RBH Group)
  • The Honorable Councilwoman, Mildred C. Crump (City of Newark)
  • Monique Jones (Audible)
  • Michael James (Downtown Property Owner)
  • Michael Greene (City of Newark)
  • Sarah Jones (Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
  • Anthony Borelli (Edison Properties)
  • James Rhatican (Hartz Mountain Corp.)